Crisp Produce & Preserves is the heartfelt enterprise of Simone Lukacs, a long time vegetable gardener, home orchardist and preserve maker.

Begun as a hobby business several years ago, after no matter how many vegetables or preserves I gave away still left the garden beds and pantry shelves full, Crisp Produce & Preserves is now dedicated to growing, making, and sharing as much fresh, seasonal, delicious and healthy food as possible.

A Hungarian father and grandparents meant I grew up with the kitchen table at the centre of family life. Incredibly delicious homegrown and homemade food was as natural as breathing. My grandmother’s cellar was full of amazing preserves, and is still my primary source of major inspiration.

I am happiest in my vegetable garden. This happiness finds its way into every fresh produce box I deliver, every jar of jam I make, every relish recipe I invent. It brings me the greatest of joys to share what I grow and make with others.